Investment Team

Dr. Klaus Breiner

Managing Partner at BB Biotech Ventures since 2004. Co-founder and, from 2008 till 2016, Executive Chairman of Vaximm, a Swiss-German immuno-oncology company. Prior to joining Bellevue, Investment Manager at GLS Ventures in Munich. He has invested in a number of bio-pharmaceutical companies, such as Glycart, Intercell, Pevion, Vaximm and AM-Pharma. PhD Molecular Biologist & Chemist.

Dr. Dominik Escher

Former Founder & CEO of ESBATech, a Swiss biotech focusing on next generation antibody drugs. Alcon acquired ESBATech for USD 589 million in 2009, a landmark exit for its investors. Subsequently until 2016 Vice President of Alcon Research & Development and at Novartis Member of the Global Ophthalmology Leadership and Global Biologics Leadership. Since 2002, on the Board of the Swiss Biotech Association and President since 2013. PhD Molecular Biologist.

Dr. Martin Muenchbach

Managing Partner at BB Biotech Ventures since 2004. He has been an active venture capitalist since the late 90’s, investing in life science companies across all stages and types. Prior to joining Bellevue Group, Investment Manager at BioMed, HBM and NMT. Martin’s past and current board assignments include Bellevue’s most successful private biopharmaceutical investments, such as Radius Health, Molecular Partners, Optimer Pharmaceuticals, Axovan and Glycart. PhD Protein Chemist & Biochemist.