Healthcare growth drivers

Numerous factors are powering a steady increase in demand for healthcare. This is driven by a continuously increasing life expectancy. Furthermore, many diseases still cannot be treated today. Thanks to a much better understanding of the molecular cause of diseases in combination with novel technologies, it becomes possible to develop new therapies brining quality of life to patients or even to completely cure diseases. 


Biotechnology has displayed outstanding growth in recent years and moved into the sights of investors in a broad fashion. Over the past two decades, biotech has matured into a major industry with billions in sales. Biotech companies reported aggregate sales of about USD 120 bn in 2015, a doubling since 2010, with a trend continuing to point upwards. Large pharmaceutical and biotech companies increasingly source their products and pipelines by licensing from and acquisitions of smaller biotech companies. At the same time, IPO markets have become more receptive for private biotech companies to go public.